DIY Metal Choker
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Metal Choker DIY

Chokers are literally the easiest pieces of jewelry to make. Basic styles can be made by just wrapping suede cord, elastic, or ribbon around your neck. You can even make a DIY fabric choker with fusible webbing tape. But in the interest of keeping things simple, let’s talk about flat wire. This underrated material is perfect for making a chic metal choker DIY. All it takes is four steps! Here’s the lowdown.


DIY Metal Choker


  • Flat wire (Etsy and Amazon)
  • Strong craft glue
  • Flat pyramid stud or rhinestone
  • Jewelry pliers

DIY Metal Choker

1. Cut a strand of flat wire long enough to fit snugly around your neck. Use the cutting portion of the pliers or scissors.

DIY Metal Choker

2. Bend each end inward 1/2 inch.

DIY Metal Choker

3. Press down each end with the flat portion of the pliers.

4. Glue the embellishment of your choice. Leave it upright, if possible. This will prevent the embellishment from shifting.

DIY Metal Choker

Once dry, your choker is ready to top off an outfit.

I love the simple look of just one embellishment, but you can add several if that’s your style.

DIY Metal Choker

This easy project can be worn by itself or layered with other necklaces. I bet it’ll look awesome with thin chains!

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Tutorial Photos: Kirsten Nunez
Lifestyle Images: Haruka Sakaguchi