I love simple things that manage to make a statement. Two color jeans are the perfect example – plus, they’re so easy to make. It’s also a great way to bring a little life to an old pair of jeans (because you know almost all of us have at least one pair we don’t use!)



– Jeans
– Plastic bag
– Garbage bag (or something to cover your work space)
– Rubber bands
– Packaging/duct tape
– Spray paint

I used a matte black spray paint (Krylon in Flat Black) that I already had on hand. It left a slightly chalky finish, but I don’t mind this too much. It’s totally up to you what color and finish you’d like.

Only do this project outside!! When working with this much spray paint, you’ll need all the ventilation you can get.



1) Choose a side to spray paint. I decided to paint the right, so I taped off the left side of the zipper/middle.



2) Repeat on the back. The more tape the better!



3) Gather the leg you’re not going to paint…


…and wrap it up with the plastic bag. Secure with rubber bands (and some more tape if you’d like).


4) Start spray painting in one direction, from bottom to top (or top to bottom, whichever works!). Just be sure to stay consistent with the direction, and don’t physically keep yourself too close to what you’re working on.



5) Half way through I realized taping around the zipper/fly area would have helped a great deal. I’d highly recommend doing this, just to further block the paint from getting to the other side.

Let dry for about 45 minutes or so, then turn the jeans over and repeat on the back. Hang it up to dry (again preferably outside). I hung mine up for almost 24 hours.


Half & Half Jeans
Shoes: Seychelles Mother of Pearl heels in Black

Happy Monday! Hope everyone’s week has been off to a good start.