diy: Criss Cross Leather and Chain Bangle

It’s been a while since I’ve made any additions for my collection of arm candy. I’ve been wanting to experiment with flat aluminum wire that I’ve had in my stash, so I decided to use leather and chain to create an eye-catching mix of textures. Step-by-step, below!


Supplies:– Scissors
– 3-in-1 Jewelry Pliers
– 16-18 Gauge Flat Aluminum Craft Wire
– Leather Cord (I used black & purple)
– 2 Strands of Curb Chain (Trimmed to your wrist measurement)
– Masking Tape (Optional/useful)

– Mason Jar or Tin Can, Clear Nail Polish, Super Glue (Not shown)

1) Cut a length of flat wire measuring the length of your wrist, plus an extra 6-8 inches (15.24 – 20.32 centimeters).

2) Cut two strands of leather cord, each measuring about 20 inches (50.8 centimeters). Tightly tie both strands near one end of the wire. Take one of the chains and thread one of the cords through the first link.

3) On the other side, thread the other cord through the first link of the second chain.

4) With the chain laying flat and parallel to the wire, take the cord on the right and bring it over to the left side of the wire. Insert it through the second link of the left chain.

5) Take the cord on the left side and insert it through the second link of the right chain. The purple and black switch sides, with the purple becoming the “new” left cord and the black becoming the “new” right cord.

6) Bring both leather cords and criss cross them underneath the wire. Essentially, the “new” right cord (black) goes under the wire, then under & through the third chain link on the left side. The “new” left cord (purple) goes under the wire, and under & through the third link on the right side. They will criss cross behind the wire.

7) Continue Steps 4 & 5. The purple will go over the wire to the left side, and through the fourth link of the left chain.

8) The black goes over the wire as well, to the right side. It is inserted through the fourth link of the right chain.

9) Repeat until you have reached the end of the chain.

10) Tie a tight triple knot. Cut the excess leather cord. At the other end – where you started – tie another triple knot and cut the excess.

11) Trim the wire. Create loops at the ends to finish it off.

To help shape the bangle, wrap around a mason jar or tin can.

12) Optional: Add a few dots of clear nail polish to the knots for extra security.

13) Optional: Add dots of super glue (using a pointed tip applicator, if possible) in between the wire and leather cord for extra security.


Xo, Kirsten