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DIY: Chain Wrapped Wool Hat

Here’s a little quick n’ easy DIY pick-me-up for the fall season. You can use this idea to add a little life to a hat you already own, turning it into an entirely “new” accessory for the season. The best part (and my favorite part of such projects) is that you can easily replace or change it whenever you need a little change. 


– Wool/Felt Wide Brim Hat
– 3-in-1 Jewelry Pliers
– Large Jewelry Clasp(s)
– Charms
– Jump Rings (I used 10-12mm)
– Chain, lots of it! Try to stick to chain of similar width/thickness

1) Attach lengths of chain together until you have a strand long enough to wrap around the hat.


2) Add a jump ring and a jewelry clasp. This will provide for easy removable. Or, you can just attach a jump ring to connect the chain.

3) Add to the hat. I ended up creating two of these strands for mine.

4) Add a few charms to a jump ring.

5) Add to the chain.

6) Optional: Add a few hand stitches to secure the chain to your hat. Use similar colored thread, if possible!




Tutorial Images: Kirsten Nunez 
Styled Images Haruka Sakaguchi (The Denizen Co.)