Vegan Matcha Ice Cream Recipe
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Vegan Matcha Ice Cream

As the temperatures rise and the days last longer, I can’t help but dream about tasty frozen desserts. There’s ice cream, frozen yogurt, smoothies… and everything in between. And while I will never turn down a trip to the local creamery, nothing beats a healthy “nice cream” made with wholesome, simple ingredients. (Banana ice cream, …

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Coconut Cinnamon Bun Smoothie
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Coconut Cinnamon Bun Smoothie (Coromega Fish Oil Recipe)

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with discovering new ways to amplify the things I already do. And when it comes to recipes? Supplements always come through. Of course, there’s nothing better than the most natural form of a nutrient. But supplements can really amp things up. My latest experiment included Coromega Max Super High Omega-3 in Coconut Bliss – but …

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