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Stetson DIY: Leather Trim Denim Shirt

A couple weeks ago, I stopped by the Stetson showroom on 38th in NYC. I absolutely loved how much vintage Stetson pieces were used as a decor, and in the archives. Everything from notes from past meetings to preserved hats to matchbooks.
Thanks to the rad Daryl at Stetson, I was able to create a DIY using an amazing denim button up with turquoise snaps. Aside from cowboy boots, Stetson is known for their flawless denim shirts. For this quick tutorial, I simply accented the sleeves with leather trim. It adds a little extra something to the average denim shirt, and works really well with the turquoise detailing. (I’m also biased and love using leather in almost any project!)
This is another great project for those of you who are just starting to get your feet wet in the world of DIY fashion. Keep reading to see how I made it:


What I Used:

  • Stetson Denim Shirt with Turquoise Snaps
  • Leather trim
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors

1) I laid out the sleeve so that the crease was flat, facing myself.

2) I applied fabric glue along the crease/fold. I used a brush for this part, just for the sake of ease. Using a brush is optional!

3) I placed a long strand of leather trim on the glue, pressing gently. I repeated on the other sleeve, and let dry overnight.


 Happy weekend!

xx K