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side project: Metallic Bottle Bracelet Holders (& How to Remove Bottle Labels!)

On New Years, around 2am, I got super excited when I realized there was a huge pile of empty champagne bottles in my friends’ recycling bin. I asked to snag a few for a project that I’ve been meaning to work on. Luckily, they’re all extremely accustomed to obsessively crafty ways…so having me dig through empty bottles wasn’t all that weird. Yeah, I was that girl at the party. 
I used a beautiful matte gold spray paint to re-purpose these two bottles. Before doing so, I removed any and all labels!

How to Remove Labels from Bottles:

1) Fill up a pot or sink with warm water. Make the water quite warm, but not crazy hot.

2) Let the bottles hang out in the water for a while.
3) Check the peel-ability of the labels. You might need to repeat Steps 1 & 2 a few times with freshly warm water. When the labels are ready to peel off, they should do so flawlessly and easily, with little to no residue left.
1) Fill the actual bottles with warm water.
2) Let them sit for a bit.
3) Repeat a few times.
Remove any leftover residue with some tape. I used good old masking tape for this. Spray paint the bottles, let them dry completely, and you’ve got some pretty looking bracelet holders. 
I think I need to make a matte rose gold version! 
Xo, Kirstem