Darice: Mountain Sunrise Lantern
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Darice: Mountain Sunrise Lantern

During my road trip across the country, I developed a new appreciation for mountains. The drive from Nevada across the California border was especially breathtaking; you can see the mountain road for miles, lined with snowy peaks and lush greenery. Love. 

And while I’m a New Yorker and a city girl through and through, I’ll always adore the Pacific Northwest. To honor my time here in Northern Cali, I decided to make a mountain lantern for my latest project at Darice Crafts.

A lit tealight inside the lantern creates the illusion of a sunrise. It all comes down to using vellum paper placed at the perfect spot. I’m in love with this one! 

To learn how to make it, visit the tutorial at Darice Crafts’ blog.

xx K