DIY Draped Chain Choker
as seen on darice

How to Make a DIY Draped Chain Choker (Darice Crafts)

Crafting isn’t for everyone. I totally get it. But if there’s anything that I’ll totally advocate for, it’s making your own chokers. Simple versions like stretch velvet or leather wrap chokers literally call for zero crafting skills. (Promise.) Even the seemingly elaborate kinds are pretty easy to make. Don’t believe me? My latest draped chain choker DIY at Darice Crafts is the perfect example.

This project is a great way to practice your basic jewelry skills. It also uses a charm in one of my favorite ways: upside down! It’s amazing what you can do when you use things the “wrong” way.

Learn how to make this DIY choker over at Darice’s blog, Live.Love.Craft.

xx K