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Crafty With a Cause: Holiday Greeting Cards for the Elderly Nutrition Program

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of the greeting cards that I regularly create and donate to the Elderly Nutrition Program. The organization provides card donations for local underprivileged elders who aren’t able to afford greeting cards and gifts, but would like to give them to friends and family. They’re available for pick-up right on site. Something like a greeting card might seem minuscule to most of us, but it can change everything for someone who’s less fortunate.
As I’ve said before, I love doing this because it’s a simple and creative way to lend a helping hand – even without actually being there. The internet is amazing like that, because opportunities like this can be discovered.
Want to donate some handmade cards? Send them to the address below – make as many or as little as you’d like! I usually send a batch of anywhere from 15-30 at a time. You can send 1 or 2 if that’s all you can do…it still matters.
Elderly Nutrition Program
40 N. East St., Suite C
Woodland, CA 95776