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diy: Zig Zag Shorts

If there’s anything I love about spring & summer – aside from the longer days and sunshine – it’s the chance to DIY so many more clothes. Practically all of my warm weather clothes are altered or handmade. So, naturally, I’m really looking forward to the change of season.

This project is a quick and easy DIY that’s ideal for reusing an old pair of jeans. I had this pair for literally years…there was even a rip in the crotch that I fixed. I haven’t used them in a really long time (again, it’s been years) but I didn’t want to throw them out either. Instead, I decided to make them into shorts – but with a little twist.


It’s a good project to keep in mind while you’re spring cleaning this year! Keep reading to see how I made them.


– Old pair of jeans
– Ruler/straight edge
– Scrap cardboard
– Sharp scissors
– Sharpie/marker
– Charcoal pencil


1) Using the ruler/straight edge, draw a triangle on the scrap cardboard. The height of the triangle is up to you.


(You’ll be tracing around this triangle along the shorts’ bottom edge, multiple times. If you’re hesitant about it fitting perfectly, you can use the ruler to do some measurements. In other words, your last traced triangle might be only half or partial if the proportions aren’t specific. You can always measure the width of the leg, then figure out the triangle size from there. For example, if the leg width is 10 inches, your triangle can be 2 inches wide so that it can be fully traced 5 times.)


2) Cut out the triangle.


3) Cut the jeans into shorts. It helps to try them on first, just to double check where exactly you’d like to cut them.



4) Place the triangle on the bottom edge of the shorts; it might help to start at the side seam. Trace with the charcoal pencil.


5) Continue tracing along the edge, and on the back. Repeat on the other leg.


6) Carefully cut out along the lines. Repeat on the back side, and other leg.






Outfit Details:

Dreaming Drawing Creating Tee (c/o VIP Sisters. Black is sold out, but white version is available), JewelMint Call to Arms Bracelet (c/o JewelMint), DIY Zig Zag shorts, Audrey Brooke Suede Pumps in Fuchsia.