diy: Ombre Dyed Shoelaces

This quick DIY was created in conjunction of the next s&p project, Watercolor Hi Tops. Instead of leaving the shoelaces plain jane white, I thought it would be fun to bring in some color (just in time for spring!)
This tutorial uses watered down acrylic paint instead of your average fabric dye; shoelaces are typically made of cotton, different types of polyester and/or nylon. Fabric dye (such as RIT) is best used for cotton, but isn’t recommended for nylon and polyester. Unless you know the exact fiber makeup of your shoelaces, using normal fabric dye might be a hit or miss. By using acrylic paint, you can achieve the same look by essentially “painting” the laces. The watered down consistency will create the same vibe as watercolors and dye.
Keep reading to see how I made them!
– Acrylic Paint (1-3 colors)
– Plastic/Styrofoam Cups
 (1 for each color. Shallow cups work best, trim down with scissors if needed.)
– Pair of White Shoelaces
– Plastic Bag (or something to protect your work surface)
– Water
– Paintbrush, Popsicle Stick, etc (Not shown; to mix paint and water)
1) Fill each cup with water and some acrylic paint.
2) Mix well with a paintbrush, Popsicle stick, etc.
3) Dip the shoelaces into the mixtures.
4) If you’d like, re-position the laces so that colors blend and mix together.
5) Remove from the mixtures, and let dry completely.
Xo, Kirsten